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Looking for HSM / Crypto Key Management for Compliance?

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Are these your concerns?

  • Comply with PCI DSS, HKMA e-banking, FIPS 140-2 or GDPR

  • Proliferation of encryption keys from various sources is threatening enterprise infrastructure security .  You need a centralize key management system to manage key lifecycle and policy, such as separation of duties,  key registration and backup. 

  • Evaluating security of your IoT, Block chain or Code signing innovation projects  

  • Need to implement quantum-safe algorithm 

  • Wish to learn more real use cases in general enterprise environment or specific industry

Why Utimaco?

  • Proven German base world-class solutions being adopted by leading technology giants, governments, banks, automobile manufacturers  and public utilities

  • Leading advanced technologies: 

    • CryptoServer Se-Series is the only HSM in the market that has CC-certification based on Protection Profile EN 419221-5

    • Strengthen security for latest technologies  - IoT, Smart Metering, eID & Blockchain 

    • Being used by major researchers in the post-quantum crypto field such as Isara, LG Electronics and Microsoft Research  

  • Best investment value with extremely simple pricing scheme  

  • Free simulator for proof-of-concept

  • Strong administration functions, including true remote management

  • Experienced and agile local support by partner

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