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Hardware Security Module (HSM)  Key Management System (KMS)


Creating Trust in the Digital Society

We are certified value added distributor of UTIMACO, servicing Hong Kong & Macau markets

Root of Trust HSM

Utimaco, a German base global leading HSM manufacturer.

The company has acquired Atalla Payment HSM and Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) from Micro Focus.   It has further strengthen offerings to banking industry to meet PCI DSS, PCI P2PE compliance; as well as for enterprises to deploy more secure and automated key lifecycle management to protect data at rest or business-critical applications. 

About InTegrity

Our mission is to bring an ideal alternative choice of HSM and KMS, which are best value for investment, proven customer references and designed for future (ready for Quantum algorithms & blockchain implementation), to the markets.​

Our qualified consultants and engineers are capable to back-up our reseller partners by offering true professional implementation, quality assurance  and on-going maintenance support services so that they can ensure smooth project delivery and hence keep long-lasting relationships with their customers.


HSM Application

Utimaco provides best-of-breed HSMs for SSL, Database encryption, Payment processing, Document signing, Code signing, Key injection and Authentication applications. 


The latest product line-up is also ready to support emerging technologies such as Post-quantum crypto agility, Blockchain, HSM as cloud service and Root of trust of IoT devices.


All you need to Compliance & True Risk Management


General Purpose HSM

SecurityServer Se Gen2

  • For compliance (PCI-DSS | FIPS-140-2 L3)

  • Isolated secure tamper-resistant hardware environment 

  • For PKI root of trust

  • For enhancing security of emerging technologies - Blockchain,  IoT, MFA, Document signing & Code signing

  • Support configurable role-based access control (C-RBAC). Authentication mechanisms range from username/password to key files and multi-factor smartcard-based authentication.

  • Authentication can take the form of single-person authentication, four-eyes principle authentication or “m out of n” schemes (e.g. 3 out of 5).

Payment HSM

Atalla AT1000

  • Support virtual banking innovation

  • PCI PTS HSM v3.0 and FIPS 140-2 L3 certified 

  • Perform cardholder authentication, and manage the cryptographic keys used in e-commerce retail payment transactions.

  • Perform PIN translation and verification, card verification, card production and personalisation, electronic funds interchange (EFTPOS, ATM), cash-card reloading, EMV transaction processing, and key generation and injection.

Enterprise Key Management


  • Protect data at rest

  • Encryption itself is not sufficient without the proper key management 

  • Encryption keys lifecycle management, automation & unified policies.

  • Comply with NIST cryptography and key management guidance | FIPS 140-2 Level 2

  • Support SSL protected communications, uses mutual certificate authentication, and provides a built-in CA to provide strong certificate-based authentication for access to keys.

  • Support KMIP standard for client/server interoperabil­ity

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